Excel Bible for Beginners: The Essential Step by Step Guide to Learn Excel for Beginners

"Author Harjit Suman has crafted a truly comprehensive guidebook which is also concise and clear in its explanations, making it a handy guide that you could take with you and utilize anywhere" - Review by K.C. Finn, Readers Favorite (5/5 stars)

Are you an Excel beginner? Do you struggle working with Excel? Do you look in envy at your colleagues who know their way around an Excel spreadsheet but you don’t? People are often frightened to learn Excel because of the vast array of tools and functions it offers and think it's too complicated or difficult. You may use Excel on a daily basis but might not get the most out of it. Well fear not as Excel Bible for Beginners: The Essential Step by Step Guide to Learn Excel for Beginners will teach you everything you need to know about Excel in a clear, easy to follow step by step guide so you can us Excel like a pro!


This Excel bible for Beginners is a very comprehensive Excel book and you will learn all the essential tools, features and functions Excel has to offer. You will learn about the history and background of Excel. You will get to know your way around the Excel user interface by using the ribbon. You will learn how to format, manage, sort, filter and edit your worksheets so they are organised, structured and don’t contain any errors. This Excel guide will teach you how to create a variety of charts and show you how to format them too so users can easily interpret the information. This book will also teach you how to create formulas and how to copy them in other areas of the worksheet. You will also learn all the printing techniques used to print off your work. This Excel book for Beginners contains many examples with lots of screenshots and includes easy to follow step by step instructions so you can follow along very easily.

Some of the key topics covered in this comprehensive Excel for beginner’s book include:

✓ What is Excel?
✓ What is Excel used for?
✓ How to open and save workbooks
✓ How to use the Quick Access Toolbar
✓ How to change font styles
✓ How to wrap and merge text
✓ How to format numbers
✓ How to apply borders
✓ How to apply cell styles
✓ How to use the Format Painter tool
✓ How to insert and delete worksheets tabs
✓ How to insert and delete columns and rows
✓ How to freeze rows and columns
✓ How to hide/unhide columns and rows
✓ How to copy, paste and cut
✓ How to use the Excel Find and Replace tool
✓ How to use the Excel Text to Speech function
✓ How to create charts and format them
✓ How to create formulas
✓ How to print

and much more........


After you have read this Excel bible you will know your way around an Excel spreadsheet. You will learn all the main Excel tools and functions to enable you to become efficient in your Excel work. You will be able to perform tasks quicker than you ever did before with minimum effort. If you have never used Excel before then this book will get you up and running and to a high standard in no time. If you use Excel on a daily basis, this book will raise your Excel skills even higher and you will learn something new.

This is the definite book to learn Excel if you are a beginner, want to advance your Excel skills further or you have never used Excel before. Many workplaces around the world employ people who have good Excel skills. By learning Excel from this book, you can add this key skill to your CV and become indispensable in the workplace. To truly better yourself you need to invest in yourself.

Reviews:K.C. Finn on Readers Favourite wrote:

★★★★★ Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

Excel Bible for Beginners: The Essential Step by Step Guide to Learn Excel for Beginners is a short work of non-fiction in the business, technology, and guidebook sub-genres, and was penned by author Harjit Suman. As the title suggests, the work intends to provide a completely comprehensive guide on the Microsoft Excel program, both for business users and those with a casual interest in improving their skills. Split into many well-explained sub chapters, the book teaches a variety of skills, from cosmetic elements such as layout and font choice, through to the more complex elements such as text to speech, creating formulas, and getting charts and sheets ready for printing.

Author Harjit Suman has crafted a truly comprehensive guidebook which is also concise and clear in its explanations, making it a handy guide that you could take with you and utilize anywhere. Technology and computer program awareness is becoming an ever-increasing essential skill on anyone’s CV, so this kind of personal learning experience is sure to help readers gain that skill boost for future job success. I liked the organization of the work very much, and the chapter structure takes you through different elements clearly, building on your knowledge from previous parts. It’s also a really good layout for quick reference so that when you’re actually working on a sheet you can get back to chapters and refer easily to see what’s next. Overall, Excel Bible for Beginners delivers exactly what it promises from its title: an essential purchase for anyone who needs it.

Jamie’s Reviews on Amazon wrote:

★★★★★ Excellent resource for the things I forgot or need to know!

This is such a good book and helps me to do ANYTHING that is needed on Excel spreadsheets.

My only regret is not buying this sooner!

Mr Mohammed A Akbar on Amazon wrote:

★★★★★ Not just for Beginners!

Great introduction for those starting to use Excel for work and study, but also veteran users like myself. Easy to understand and lots of clear figures and examples! Happy Excel learning!

David Gulliver on Amazon wrote:

★★★★★ Great for beginners

I’ve been interested in learning more about excel for a while now yes I use it at work but how much do you really know about what all the functions are capable of doing? Just what I needed great for beginners who want to get started in excel.

Jane Jones Managing Director on Amazon wrote:

★★★★★ An easy read

Bought for our new apprentice administrator she said its brilliant

Mary on Amazon wrote:

★★★★★ Very clear direct information

This is a fantastic little book.

Mr P Sinclair on Amazon wrote:

★★★★★ I can see clearly now

Being an absolute novice with Excel I found this book very easy to understand and has helped me enormously regarding progression, it’s now my go to source for any queries, couldn’t recommend enough!

Glenn Bar on Amazon wrote:

★★★★★ A great read at superb value for money!

Being a regular user of Excel both for work and for pleasure, I thought reading this ‘bible’ would be a complete waste of my time....but how wrong I was!

This book was not only highly informative but it really enlightened me as to the many more functionalities at my disposal so it didn’t take me too long before I was putting what I had read and learnt into practice by using the easy to follow instructions and advice to good effect.

I can now say that I am much more knowledgeable and confident when using Excel to create and present documents that before were very basic, ineffective and clearly lacked an understanding of the key elements and benefits available to me.

Highly recommended for both beginners and for those regular users who thought that they were computer literate enough ‘just to get by’ and knew more than they actually did!!!!

John Isle of Man on Amazon wrote:

★★★★★ Happy Customer. Thank you.

Happy customer. Thank you

Emma Cunningham on Amazon wrote:

★★★★★ Easy to use

Great for beginners...

Rav on Amazon wrote:

★★★★★ Needed help...got it 👌👌👌

Looking forward to reading this.....hopefully it will help with my limited skills

Jenny Wren on Amazon wrote:

★★★★★ Helpful

Easy to understand

Ian M Milburn on Amazon wrote:

★★★★★ Excel lent!!

Great product, as my title says excel lent

Byron M on Amazon wrote:

★★★★★ Really good ebook for learning excel

I was asked to look at some different office guides that we can all use to help get everyone learn how to use things such as word, publisher and excel. One of the issues we had was everyones experience is different so I had a look at a few different ebooks we could use as support tools.

As a beginners guide this is a really useful resource with lots of simple information to follow for beginners and current excel users alike. The layout is simple and easy to follow and will have you using formulas and learning how to freeze pains and vlookups in no time.

Really good resource and handy to use for not just beginners but sporadic users of excel also.

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