Excel Formulas and Functions: The Step by Step Excel Guide on how to Create Powerful Formulas

Excel advanced formulas book by Harjit Suman
Editions:Paperback: £ 6.99
ISBN: B0863S1948
Size: 15.24 x 22.86 cm
Pages: 85
Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 74

★★★ Create Powerful and Advanced Formulas to Manipulate and Analyse your Data in this Excel Formulas and Functions Book ★★★

Do you want to master Excel? Do you want to create powerful and elegant Excel formulas to automate your spreadsheets and analyse your data more efficiently? Well, Excel Formulas and Functions: The Step by Step Excel Guide on how to Create Powerful Formulas will teach you how.

Excel is one of the most used Microsoft Office applications in the workplace. It is used on a daily basis however, many people only scratch the surface of its capabilities. If you want to get the most out of Excel and know its true power then you MUST buy this book. Not only will it increase your Excel skills and enable you to write powerful formulas to manipulate and analyse data, it will also impress your boss and could give you a pay rise!


There are over 400 built-in Excel functions. In this book you will learn all about the Excel functions and formulas that are available to you which will make your work easier and increase your productivity. In particular you will learn about some of the more powerful Excel functions and formulas that not many people know about and you will learn how they work with simple step by step instructions.

In this definite Excel formulas and functions book you will learn:

  • How to create formulas using sum functions such as SUM, SUMIF, SUMIFS, SUMPRODUCT
  • How to create formulas using count functions such as COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK, COUNTIF, COUNTIFS
  • How to create formulas using logical functions such as IF, AND, OR, ISBLANK
  • How to create formulas using lookup functions such as VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX/MATCH, LOOKUP
  • How to create formulas using text functions such as LEFT, RIGHT, MID, TRIM, LEN, SUBSTITUTE, REPT, SEARCH and FIND
  • What the order of operator precedence is and how Excel orders the calculation in formulas
  • What array formulas are and how to create them as well as learning what the advantages and disadvantages of them are
  • What an array constant is and how arrays work
  • How to create awesome and powerful formulas that perform magic such as how to find the first non-blank value, how to extract a unique list, sum all digits in a string and many many more!


Excel Formulas and Functions: The Step by Step Excel Guide on how to Create Powerful Formulas also contains some great tips about Excel functions that not many people know about. These are little gems of information you wish you knew before. With this book you will now know and be ahead of the game! Each of the formulas explained in this book is broken down with simple step by step instructions so you understand exactly how the formulas work.


This book is aimed for people who want to advance their Excel skills and learn the true power of Excel with advanced formulas such as array formulas. Beginners will also benefit from this book as it also contains some of the more common Excel formulas and functions that people use and how to write them. This book really caters for all.

This is the definite Excel guide book on formulas and functions and a must read for people who want to advance their Excel skills and learn more about Excel's more powerful functions. There is only a small percentage of people who truly know how to get the best out of worksheet functions. Make sure you are in that small minority.

Reviews:Andrew Richmond on Amazon wrote:

★★★★★ Incredibly useful!

I (like quite a few people now...) use Excel as part of my job, and found this book invaluable. Easy to follow and really informative. Definitely recommended.

Margaret Bickle on Amazon wrote:

★★★★★ Easy to read

I like the way the author explains the formulas and how to use them. He explains in such a natural way and is easy to follow. I will happily follow more of his books in future. The book is full to the brim of good explanations.

Leafvine on Amazon wrote:

★★★★★ Formulas esp if you are confused

Loved this especially written for people who like it. I don't always use it but it is frequently there. Well done Amazon!

Shane on Amazon wrote:

★★★★★ Good for anyone who already knows basic Excel

The next step after learning basic Excel skills. The book has fantastic information. The instructions are clear and concise. Basically walks you through the new information. And shows there is much more to Excel than just spreadsheets.

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