Excel Formulas and Functions – The Complete Excel Guide For Beginners (Paperback)


Excel Formulas and Functions : The Complete Excel Guide For Beginners

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★★★ Excel Formulas and Functions Book – Learn how to Create Elegant Formulas Quickly and Easily ★★★

“Harjit is able to define and simplify a complex system with close to five hundred functions, allowing a reader to unlock what might otherwise feel impossible without expert guidance” – Review by Jamie Michele, Readers Favorite (5/5 stars)

Excel is one of the most used Microsoft Office packages in the workplace. It is part of our daily lives however, most people do not know its full capabilities. If you truly want to get the most out of Excel then you need to master Excel formulas and functions. There are over 400 built-in Excel functions but how do you know which ones to use in your worksheets? Well, this Excel formulas book will explain the best Excel functions to use in your worksheets as well as how to construct the formulas.


This definite Excel book for beginners includes:

  •  A step by step guide on how to construct a simple Excel formula
  • Tips on how to create more efficient formulas
  • How the order of operator precedence in Excel Formulas work
  • How to check formulas in your worksheets
  • How to use the Excel Insert Function Formula Builder to make formulas easier to write
  • How to copy formulas down columns and across rows using the Excel Autofill function
  • How relative, absolute and mixed cell references are used to construct formulas
  • How to create summing and counting formulas using Excel functions such as SUMIF, SUMIFS, COUNTIF, COUNTIFS, COUNTBLANK
  • How to create logical formulas using the IF, OR, AND functions
  • How to create lookup formulas using Excel functions such as VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP and combining the INDEX and MATCH functions together to create  powerful lookups
  • How to create text formulas by using Excel functions such as LEFT, RIGHT, MID, CONCATENATE to manipulate text in your worksheets
  • Great Excel hints and tips to help you become more efficient and save time


This comprehensive Excel book comes with real life examples of why you would create Excel formulas in your worksheets. You will learn:

  • How to sum values and count cells based on certain criteria
  • Count only non-blank cells in a range
  • Count only numbers in a range
  • Extract the maximum and minimum values from a range of numbers
  • How to assign bonuses for Sales people if they have hit their sales targets
  • How to extract product details from a product table
  • How to assign grades to a list of students
  • How to manipulate text by extracting certain characters from a text string

Have you ever seen the curly brackets in formulas and wondered what they mean? In this book you will find out that they are used for array formulas and you will learn how to create one!


After you have read this Excel book you will learn how to use all the main Excel functions you will ever need. You will learn how to use them in your own spreadsheets and it will help you to become more efficient in your work. You will be able to create your own Excel applications using powerful lookup formulas, manipulate text, create your own calculations and much more! Once this book has given you a good grounding on what each Excel function does and you understand its arguments, you will be able to nest multiple functions together to create even more powerful formulas.

This is the definite Excel guide book on formulas and functions.

To truly better yourself you must invest in yourself. Start by buying this book now!

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