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Hi, my name is Harjit Suman and welcome to Excel Master Consultant. I created this website so you can learn Excel online to take your Excel skills to the next level.

My ultimate goal is simple. To provide you with all the tools, tips and help to learn Excel so you become excellent at Excel. Maybe you want to learn Excel to improve your productivity at work? Maybe, you want to learn Excel as a hobby? Well, whatever the reason, you will find everything you need to learn Excel online in this website.

This website caters for all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced user, there is something in here for everyone.

I have three main methods to teach you Excel. The first is through my posts and blogs. The second is through the many Excel books I have written and published. The third is through my online courses. To find out more about each method, just scroll down to learn more.

Popular Posts to Learn Excel Online

Get started now and learn Excel online by looking through some of my popular posts below. If you want to see all my posts then just click the xxxxxxxx tab.

Excel Books

For those of you who like to learn Excel from physical books then you are in luck! I have written Excel books aimed for beginners as well as on formulas and functions. I have also written Excel books on shortcuts and tips to help you save time and increase productivity. Please click on any of the books below to learn more about them.

Excel Online Courses

If you are already comfortable in using Excel, then I have created two online VBA courses. These courses will teach you how to automate your spreadsheets and take your Excel skills to the next level. As a result, you will save valuable time, energy and effort.

How to Record Macros in Excel VBA Course – FREE!

Are you doing repetitive tasks on a daily basis? Are you finding the Excel tasks you are performing is taking way too long? Manually performing repetitive Excel tasks leads to lost time and boredom. There is a way to overcome this by recording macros in Excel. My online How to Record Macros in Excel VBA course will teach you to how to record your very own macros. This will enable you to automate your spreadsheets and as a result save valuable time and energy. The best thing is the course is completely FREE!

To find out more about the course and its contents, click the link below:

How to Record Macros in Excel VBA course

Introduction to VBA Macros Course

If you want to go one stage further from recording macros, then writing your own macros is the next step. My online Introduction to VBA Macros course will teach you how to write VBA code so you can create awesome macros. You will have greater flexibility by writing your own macros than recording them. This course will teach you the fundamentals of writing VBA code. After you have completed the course, you will be able to create complex Excel applications. This online course is aimed specifically for beginners who have never used VBA before. People who have used VBA before may also benefit as they may learn something new. The best thing is, the course is only £10!

To learn more about the course or to buy it, then simply click the link below.

Introduction to VBA Macros Course

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Thank you so much for visiting my website. I hope you have everything you need here so you can learn Excel online and become excellent at Excel. Please take a look around the website and drop me a message and say hello.

Happy Excel learning!